Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Strings? 

  • Playing on stringed instruments lead to an understanding, enjoyment, and lifelong appreciation of music. 

  • Research shows that brain development of string players have more neural pathways and process information faster.

  • Orchestral music is a cultural art form and cannot be performed without strings

  • All students are capable of learning strings, regardless of “talent” 

  • Instruments come in various sizes so that children as young as 3 can learn. 

  • Colleges offer scholarships to string players who can perform with their orchestras. 

  • Genres such as jazz, pop, and country all need strings! 

  • Famous people who have played stringed instruments: Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,


Still not convinced? More reasons...

Learning a musical instrument teaches:


Self-Confidence, Coordination, Team work, Comprehension,  

Higher-order thinking, Problem-solving, 

DisciplineCommitment,  Communication, Self-expression, 

Creativity...and much more!

What do WE teach? 

We teach private lessons in violin, viola, and cello. 

We teach homogenous group lessons (3-4 students) in violin, viola, and cello 

We teach a Suzuki-based beginning violin class. 

We teach ORCHESTRA, a combined class of violins, violas, and cellos performing together. 

Where do We teach? 

We teach all group lessons at your child's school. Private lessons take place at your child's school or in your home. 

Where can I obtain an instrument? 

You can obtain a rental instrument from various places in the city, please inquire and we will send you a list. 

What instruction books do you use?

For private lessons and group classes, we use a combination of Suzuki books and Essential Elements 2000.Combined orchestra classes will perform various orchestra pieces from Essential Elements 2000 and orchestral music that challenges and meets the interest of the students. 

How much does it cost? 

Pricing varies on class and location, please contact us to learn more.  

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