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We provide high-quality music instruction to string students on the violin, viola, and cello. As part of our string education, we implement enrichment programs to schools that currently do not offer strings. 


For schools interested in implementing a new program, right now we offer a beginning violin group class. The process consists of 3 parts: recruitment in the beginning of the year, rehearsals once a week, and 2 concerts during the school year. 


Recruitment would be a great way to excite students in starting the violin. We would present the instrument, perform, show the violin in various performance ensembles and also have the students try the instrument in a “petting zoo.” This could take place in their individual music classes or an assembly. 


For the rehearsal portion, students would take part in one 45 min rehearsal a week either before, during (recess/lunch), or after school. Private lessons are also available either during the school day or outside of school. Lessons and rehearsals are where students would learn the basics of how to hold the instrument, how to produce sound, as well as how to read music. They would also learn to work as a team and perform together. 


As students continue their musical path, concerts would be scheduled at the school or assemblies around Christmas and the end of the school year. Students may also be open to performing any other time of the year for other school or community activities.

Basic Information




What is needed at the school?

-Space and chairs for violin rehearsal (larger space such as a classroom, cafeteria, auditorium)

-Support from teachers and parents 



What will the child be responsible for? 

-Bringing their instrument to school on the appropriate day

-Knowing their rehearsal time and location

-At-home practice and preparedness for class

-Performing at a December and May recital


What will the parents be responsible for? 

-Instrument rental

-Tuition for violin rehearsals

-Support at home

-Pick-up or drop-off for rehearsals

-Concert attendance



What is the cost? 

-Violin rental. Cost of violin rental is about $23 a month. 

-Music stand for at-home practice. This is available through Amazon for about $15. 

-Violin rehearsal tuition.  


Tuition is billed per school quarter or semester and made payable to Dolce Strings Academy. 

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