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Violin in Schools

GROUP CLASS- Dolce Strings Academy is pleased to offer violin instruction as an enrichment class at your child's school. Please inquire to see if this program is offered at your school. Students learn to play the violin with their friends as well as learn the fundamentals of care and maintenance, how to produce a great sound, different bowing techniques, aural and technical skills, ensemble skills, as well as practice tools. They will learn to play “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” as well as other traditional songs, and be able to perform concerts for their families. Group classes are based in the Suzuki tradition, and are filled with fun activities to keep students engaged. They are open to students from Kindergarten - 5th grade and take place at your child's school. 

Private Instruction

Private instruction includes one-on-one instruction on either violin, viola, or cello. It offers a personalized instruction that is individually tailored to your child. Is your child a visual learner? a kinesthetic learner? Awesome, we'll figure out the best way to teach your child for more successful learning retention. Students also receive instant feedback, and therefore a larger opportunity to gain success in a shorter amount of time..and let's be honest, students who feel success will want to continue playing the instrument! Private lessons are a mix of traditional and Suzuki based instruction, dependent on what approach is best for your child. Instruction includes lessons in technique, rhythm, musicality, ensemble playing, as well as songs in the Suzuki repertoire. Private instruction can take place at your home or at the child's school.

Group Lessons

This is a great alternative to private lessons! Students learn in a group of 3-4 students and they are grouped by instrument and skill level.  Students sometimes thrive in this group setting. They get to learn and play music with their friends as well as develop social skills in working collaboratively and supporting one another. Another attribute of this type of learning is that students can practice together outside of class. This type of group class and learning can increase the success rate of student learning. Group lessons available on violin, viola, and cello and is open to all skill levels. 


GROUP CLASS- After at least 2 years of playing on your chosen instrument, students can join the ORCHESTRA! Violins, violas, and cellos all come together to play collaboratively. Students are challenged to work as a team: to read notes in time, to follow rhythm precisely, and to blend their sound together to make music as a whole. Whoah, sounds pretty challenging...and it is! But it's spine-tingling fun and extremely rewarding. Students must practice music outside of class and come prepared for each rehearsal. 

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